Great talent comes from all backgrounds. Through the generous support of U.S. Soccer Donors and Allstate, the Scholarship Program provides need-based financial aid to ensure talented young players can access the Development Academy's elite training, coaching, and competition for life-changing soccer development and success.

Travel costs throughout the 10-month season can be burdensome to Academy players and their families. The Scholarship Program helps increase affordability by covering those expenses. Since the program's inception in 2008, U.S. Soccer has contributed nearly $4.2 million to support 3,000 players competing in the the Development Academy. Additional financial support is available through the Dimitrios Tsatsis Scholarship Fund, which allows clubs to nominate an applicant for extra scholarship funding.


The DA selects scholarship recipients using an application process that takes many factors into consideration, including but not limited to family income and total distance the player will travel for competitions. Scholarships are available to full-time players only.

Applicants are required to complete an online application which includes providing a Federal Tax Return and other financial information. All information submitted is confidential and used for the sole purpose of determining the Applicant's ability to fund perticipation in the Development Academy. Failure to submit required information or submitting an incomplete application will affect the Applicant's eligibility.