JUNE 20-26, 2016


Academy Event Essentials

Fast Facts

  • U.S. Soccer Development Academy HQ: Located at the main office in the Green West Lot
  • Player Drop-Off & Bus Parking: Red Stadium West Lot


Schedule Overview*

  • June 20: 48 U-13/14 games (PM game times)
  • June 21: 48 U-13/14 games (PM game times)
  • June 22: 21 Showcase games (AM game times); 16 U-17/18 playoff games and 16 U-15/16 Playoff games (PM game times); U-13/14 Rest Day
  • June 23: 48 U-13/14 games (PM game times), 11 Showcase games (AM game times); Playoffs rest day
  • June 24: 10 U-15/16 (AM game times); 16 U-17/18 playoff games and 16 U-15/16 Playoff games (PM game times)
  • June 25: 21 Showcase games (AM game times); Playoffs rest day
  • June 26: 16 U-17/18 Playoff games and 16 U-15/16 Playoff games (PM game times)

For a full calendar overview of the postseason schedule, click here.

All showcase games are 40-minute halves.

*All game times and field #'s are subject to change based on field suitability at Toyota Soccer Center.

Training Schedule

All teams who request training time will receive a 1-hour time block on a field. Please note: Clubs may use their reserved training times for any age group, but clubs that have more than one age group that will be training are asked to share a field. All training times are subject to change or cancellation, at the discretion of Academy staff.

U-15/16 Showcase Schedule

The third game for each team participating in the U-15/16 Showcase will be scheduled and posted to www.ussoccerda.com by Wednesday night, June 24th, following the conclusion of the second U-15/16 Showcase game for all teams. Please note: All U-15/16 Showcase clubs will play on Thursday, June 25th at 9am or 11:15am.

Feature Games

Select games throughout the Playoffs and Showcase will be "Feature Games" and will have a live stream. Feature games will be played on Field 4 and will be finalized in conjunction with the event schedule.

Social Media

Follow the Development Academy on Twitter (@ussoccer_acad), Instagram (@ussoccer_acad), and Facebook for all of the latest stories, photos, and news from the entire event. Share your videos and photos with the U.S. Soccer by using #AcademyPlayoffs and #WorldClassDA.

Inclement Weather

Communication will be sent by the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Office confirming all schedule changes due to inclement weather. This communication will be sent to each club's manager/head coach via email and will be available at the U.S. Soccer Office Headquarters.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather in the area, all club managers/head coaches will receive email communication from the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Office detailing the emergency procedures. Additionally, our staff on-site will notify all teams/spectators of field closures and instructions for evacuation if needed.

Sports Medicine & Hydration

U.S. Soccer will provide all medical coverage during the event. Johnson & Johnson First Aid Medical Tents are located throughout the complex.

Powerade is the Hydration Partner of U.S. Soccer. All sideline hydration will be exclusively provided by Powerade.

Touchline Video

To purchase Playoffs and Showcase video packages, please visit Touchline Video.


Neurotracker testing will take place at the Playoffs and Showcase. Team scheduling will be made available June 6th.

Playoffs Overview


Thirty-two (32) teams from both the U-15/16 and the U-17/18 age groups qualify for the Playoffs (64 teams total). After qualifying for the Playoffs, teams will be seeded #1 to #32 based on their Overall Points per Games Played Average and placed into four (4) pots:

  • Pot A - Seeds #1 to #8
  • Pot B - Seeds #9 to#16
  • Pot C - Seeds #17 to #24
  • Pot D - Seeds #25 to #32

The eight (8) seeds from Pot A will be placed in Groups A through H, similar to the FIFA World Cup. Teams may be placed back into their respective pot if drawn against a Divisional opponent and a new selection will be made. It is possible that Pot D may be manually distributed in order to avoid divisional opponents in the same playoff group. Each group winner qualifies for the Knockout Round.

Each team plays three (3) games in five (5) days.

Roster Eligibility

Only full-time players are eligible to be rostered for playoff games. No developmental players (DPs) can participate. The only exception is that a goalkeeper with developmental player status can be rostered for the Playoffs. Participation in the Playoffs will not count towards the 6 allowed appearances for a developmental goalkeeper.

Full-time U-15/16 players are eligible to be rostered on the U-17/18 team for the Playoffs and full-time U-13/14 player can be rostered on the U-15/16 team. A player can only be rostered and participate with one age group for the DURATION of the Playoff Group Stage; players are permitted to participate in both the Playoffs and Showcase

All playoff teams are limited to playing no more than 23 players during the Group Stage. Playing more than 23 players will result in a forfeiture for the game in which a 24th player participated. Development Academy staff will track all playoff game reports at the end of each game day.

For more detailed information on the Playoffs and Showcase, including rules and regulations, game operations, and team logistics, please reference the 2015-16 Postseason Guide here.