Join the Academy

For Players

For players to join the Academy, they must first join one of our member clubs. Anyone interested in joining an Academy club will need to contact the club directly for specific information regarding the player identification process. To see which clubs are in your area, please visit our club maps based on your age group and gender here.

After selecting a club in your area, click on "Club Staff" for the club's contact information. We encourage interested players to contact the manager and/or administrator of the club.

For Clubs

The U.S. Soccer Development Academy has announced the initial stage for new Clubs that are interested in joining or existing clubs that are interested in expanding. Clubs who have interest in joining or expanding into additional age groups for the 2019-20 season or beyond should complete the interest form.

As shared in previous Academy meetings, the Academy is evaluating the age groups within the program for the future. In order to capture the most accurate interest and information from new and existing Clubs; we have included all potential age groups in the interest form as an option.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email the Development Academy at

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