Coaches must be registered and fully approved by U.S. Soccer before they are eligible to participate with a team and be added to the roster. A coach must be registered in Team Connect with current documents uploaded, including a headshot, signed Academy waiver, SafeSport Trained certificate, and a cleared background check. Coaches must also have a current profile in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center with verified coaching licenses and meet the DA licensing requirements.


The Development Academy sets the standards for all clubs to ensure players are developing their skills in an elite environment. All Academy technical coaches must hold a minimum USSF B License and all Academy Directors must hold the USSF A License. The Girls' DA coaching staff will be required to meet these license minimums by the 201-22 season.



The purpose of the Coach Apprentice Program is to provide the opportunity for clubs to invest and commit to developing coaches in the Development Academy environment. The goal of the program is to support coaches in their development by providing opportunities to perform the tasks of an Academy coach as well as self-reflect and evaluate individual performance. The program is designed for the coach who is committed to their professional development and preparing to progress to obtain the USSF B License.


The Coach Apprentice Program is structured to align with the DA season and provides development opportunities for the apprentice coach to improve in their coaching ability and prepare for the next coaching course. The apprentice coach will be responsible to complete multiple assignments for the duration of the course and is expected to participate in opportunities for personal development.

To participate in the Coach Apprentice Program, all interested coaches must complete the application process. To apply for the program, coaches must hold a minimum USSF D License, and the DA Club has already appointed a mentor to work with the apprentice coach. Coaches must have a current and updated profile in the U.S. Soccer Learning Center. Below are the essential resources to help coaches succeed in the Development Academy.



Apprentice Application Window Open:
July 29 - August 18, 2019