Administrators and Coaches

2017-2018 Registration

Important information for clubs regarding the registration process for the 2017-2018 Development Academy season can be found here.

Please read in detail this important information for clubs regarding the registration process:

Scheduling: All Academy clubs will be responsible for entering the kickoff times and locations for all home games in Bonzi. Instructions for this process was covered in the online Bonzi training courses. The presentation slides from the 2017 webinar can be found here for your club to review. For any questions regarding schedules, please contact

Academy Waiver: The 2017-18 Academy season waiver will be available to download here on May 29 for the Girls' program, July 1 for the Boys' program. Girls Waivers | Boys Waivers

Please note that the waiver form is state specific; please download the waiver listed for the state where your club's offices are located. The waiver must be signed by all registrants and uploaded into the Bonzi system for registered.

Player / Coach Registration: Players and coaches must be registered and fully approved by U.S. Soccer before they are able to be added to a team's roster. A player/coach has been added to the club's pool with all required documentation uploaded (photo, waiver, etc), before the Academy office can approve. The registration fee is $50 for all players and $50 for all coaches/staff. Once approved, the administrator can pay for the registration fee. Then, a player/coach may be added to a roster by a club administrator. For more detail on what is needed to fully register a player or coach, click here.

Player Photos: To assist in scouting/identifying players, all clubs are required to take new photos for this season and upload them during player registration. All photos must be taken in front of a plain background, with all players wearing matching jerseys or team gear. No hats or glasses should be visible, and the photo should be framed from the chest up.

Staff Roles: Staff identification is critical to ensure that the proper members of your Academy club receive the appropriate communications. For all clubs entering staff/board members to their team page on the Bonzi site, there is now a drop-down list of staff roles/titles available. All staff entered must have one of the pre-populated roles/titles selected from the drop-down list. If you have already entered any staff/board members, please log into Bonzi and assign the individual a role from the drop-down.

Registration Contact Info: The new Bonzi system has improved the player registration process. Therefore, the Academy will serve as the main contact for all Academy player/staff registrations. The contacts from the Academy for registration questions are

Roster Management Guidelines effective for the 2017-18 season:

Roster Minimum: Clubs must meet the following minimum requirements for full-time players on each age group throughout the season. Clubs must register the minimum requirement of players by August 18th. Clubs may have the following maximum number of players for each Academy age group.

2017-2018 Girls' Development Academy Roster Guidelines
Age Group FT Min FT Max # of Adds


46 12
U-16/17 32 46 12

2017-2018 Boys' Development Academy Roster Guidelines
Age Group FT Min FT Max # of Adds
U-12 22 26 No Max/Min
U-13 16 20 12
U-14 16 20
U-15 16 20 6
U-16/17 32 46 12

  • The roster maximums and minimums do NOT include Developmental Players (DP). DPs may not be added until the October 2nd DP window opens. Note-This communication regarding roster management was previously sent directly to Academy Directors.
  • DP Guide can be found here

U.S. Soccer Sports Medicine and Insurance Information

Baseline Testing

Overviews of the test are currently on This includes how to perform the tests and all of our concussion protocols.